About Me

Hello my name is Kip Armstrong and i am an avid catfisherman. I have been catfishing since i was a young boy, my father had me chasing after channel cats with him at all our local lakes and rivers. The Last five years I started to narrow my search down to the Flathead species of catfish. In my opinion there is nothing more exciting then hooking into a big flathead, They fight harder and longer than any other species ive fished for. But at the same time a trophy flathead is one of the hardest catfish to target, many long fishless nights at times. I am out there as much as work and my family will allow, Every night of fishing you learn something new! I am also a strict catch and release catfisherman and encourage it to whom ever im around. I started this blog to share my experiences with you all on and off the water, and to help any beginners that want to learn more. Thanks for checking it out!