Saturday, May 5, 2012

Saltfork Lake 5-3, 5-4

Fatcat and I hit the lake for 2 solid days of Catfishing. 1st day bait came easy and got setup early around 3:30, right of the bat we caught afew channels on the cut shad. At 5pm we got our first flathead run and Fatcat landed a nice 18.9# Flat on a small live gill this fish came out of 12 foot of water and was a great start to our trip. Throughout the first night we had a few more flathead runs but nothing committing. Heres pic of 18.9#
2nd Day bait was a little tougher but managed to get a few dozen Green Sunfish and The shad was still easy to get. We started the morning off drifting the lake and caught 15 or so Channelcats on a shallow flat. We got setup at around 6pm and by 7 had the first Flathead in the boat a solid 26#er I caught on a double hook rig with two live shad. 2 hours later i caught an 8# to 10# flat on a small green sunfish. From 11 to 2 it was non stop channelcats catching 1 every 15 minutes or so, all on live shad. Turned out to be a great two day trip with three Flatheads and around 30 channelcats. We have a tournament on this lake in 2 weeks hope these fish are still as active. Heres pic of 26#