Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Jonous and Chucks Flathead Trip

Jonous and Chuck recently made the trip from Indiana to Ohio to do some Flathead Fishing with me.  We fished the river two days.  First night we struggled to find any good fish but Jonous did manage to catch here very first flathead.  During the night Chuck also caught quite a few Channels but the big fish eluded us.  Second night we fished a few different spots, with still no big fish.  As the sun was getting ready to come up we decided to run down river to a spot ive caught fish before.  It wasnt long till the Blackhorse rod doubled over and we knew it was a good fish.  It was Jonous turn and she did great fighting the fish to the boat.  The fish weighed 36#s and crushed her fish from the night before. 
The big Flat made the trip a success in all our eyes!  Looking forward to next trip with these guys for we had lots of fun!